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"I learned skills and physiological processes that American Red Cross didn't even teach me!"

Leilani S.

The course was very thorough and informative. I am confident that I can administer CPR correctly."

Natosha K.

"Instructor explained things very thoroughly, giving clear reasons why each step is done."

Erin B.

"This is the most detailed CPR course I've ever taken, very thorough."

Steven C.

"Very good teacher!"

Lonnie T.

"Ellery is very knowledgable, answers all questions."

Joan J.

"Clear, comprehensive, quick, helful."

Ryan H.

"Good, easy-going instructor, made class comfortable and pleasant."

Anthony T.

"I think this coarse was easily understood and very effective."  

Juan R.

"Great class, great instructor. I will definately take this class again when I need to renew my CPR card! Thank you for allowing me to attend!"  

Travis R.

"Very good class."  

Marquessa M.

"Clear and to the point, modified teaching to class in positive way."

Mark B.

"Great course."

Brittany K.

"Very easy to take class, made it easy to understand and not too uptight about it!"

Angela L.

"Instructor was knowledgable and thorough."

Kellee R.

"It was a nice class. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The instructor was well prepared and I enjoyed what he had to say."

Marrie B.

"Loved the personal instruction and ease of class signup."

Cathy B.

"I liked that there was hands-on learning before video instructions. The instructional video was more of a reinforcement than a first exposure to information."

Alicia M.

"My instructor was great. He made it easy to understand. He also called me back in a timely maner."

Holly D.

"Course was very good and easy."

Linda L.

"The instructor made the class enjoyable. He was also a great listener."

Mary G.

"I really appreciate the time and effort given to me to learn and perfect the processes of CPR."

Charles P.

"Very satisfied and would recommend."

Panissa G.

"Very straight-forward and informative, would definately use again."

Kari P.

"Our instructor was very easy to follow and I felt like I am well informed."

Wendi C.

"Nice class."

Ranjit J.

"Clearly explained, good clear instructions and directions."

Leida E.

"Thank you for re-teaching me CPR. I learned a great deal."

Leah P.


Felix J.

"Thank you for the class, it was very fun and informative. I learned a lot, instructor was friendly and answered my questions fully."

Darlene G.

"Satisfied with course material, practice sessions and lecture material. Thank you."

Matt B.

"Ellery was polite and respectful."

Ernest A.

"It was a good course."

Robert B.

"I was greatly satisfied over-all."

Jim H.

"Everything he said was clear."

Ignacio M.

"The course was informative."

Sarah L.

"Good course with good information."

Melvin R.

"The course was very informative and the tools supplied were adequate."

Rick T.

"The instructor was very knowledgable and did an excellent job teaching the material."

Mike W.

"The instructor was very informative and easy to listen to."

Feydra F.

"Very convenient for our office."

Bonnie C.

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly. He had personal experiences with most everything covered."

Cameron P.

"Felt comfortable with doing CPR, lots of practice."

Vicki F.

"Happy with all the hands-on equipment."

Elizabeth N.

"I'm very satisfied with the course and it was very easy to learn these important skills. Thank you very much."

Nelli L.

"Well done, covered everything efficiently and well."

Jolene K.

"It was very informative and well-run."

Stacy M.

"Instructor was very friendly, helpful and informative. I feel like I learned all the skills necessary. Thanks!"

Tracy H.

"Good over-all course."

Steven T.

"This course was great!."

Tiffany B.

"The course was thorough and informative. The instructor was knowledgable, professional and courteous."

Amanda O.

"Great course and easy to understand."

Clay L.

"I feel like I can perform cpr after taking this course."

Andrew R.

"Excellent communication skills."

John D.

"The instructor was very patient and informative."

Tiffany G.

"Very helpful instructor and video gave good direction. The combo of both made real-world application easier to imagine."

Hope D.

"Everything was very clear. I consider this one of my best CPR classes."

Thuraya E.

"Excelent refresher for me, good opportunity for skills practice."

Melissa K.

"Student to teacher ratio was good."

Kenny R.

"Very comfortable, easy to follow directions."

Vicki L.

"All around good course."

Cole C.

"I feel confident that I was given the tools to help a person in need of basic life support."

Christen S.

"Great course, very informative, good infant skills."

Andres S.

"It was just right. Good resources and instruction."

Kristy G.

"Very thorough. Excellent instruction."

Cory S.

"Awesome, glad I got a one-on-one course."

Jesse P.

"Instructor provided a friendly environment, which made learning and practicing the skills easy."

Albert M.

"Very informative, laid-back and good course."

James F.

"The course was well put together, easy to learn, had adequate information, was well-overall."

Tara R.

"Low-key, actually fun, but very informative."

Patricia S.

"Ellery was very patient and answered questions in addition to providing his own personal experience."

Matthew S.

"Very informative and thorough. Ellery was a great teacher."

Mallory M.

"Ellery did a fine job. I feel like I learned a lot."

John S.

"It's a clean facility and the instructor was encouraging and helpful."

Kristine M.

"Great course, much more practice then in others I had previously taken."

Chelsea E.

"I found this a very professional course with a thorough and engaging instructor."

Ryan L.

"Very good, will likely to return in 2 years!"

Andrew A.

"Ellery was informative and very helpful."

Katherine T.

"Very thorough, and clear instructions. Good class."

Janefer P.

"Knowledgable about course and material."

Marcie T.

"The environment made it easy to learn the new material."

Susan G.

"I really learned a lot."

Danielle K.

"I enjoyed the class because of the instructor's clear communication."

Joel M.

"This course was very beneficial and straight to the point."

Kirsten H.

"It was easy to learn and explained very clearly."

Taylor C.

"Very efficient course, instuctor was very knowledgable and clear."

Andy S.

"The class was informative, interactive and I would take it again here."

Scotty T.

"Excellent instructor, with lots of time for practice."

Bernadette S.

"I like the small classes you have, better learning environment."

Andrew W.

"Very satisfied."

Charisse D.

"I thought overall was a good experience and I feel prepared for a medical emergency."

Lacey S.

"Well conducted. Great class!"

Megan B.

"Facility was adequate for the class, instructor was very knowledgable about the subject and easy to understand."

Erin M.

"Very satisfied with the course."

Sophie G.

"Very satisfied!"

Sheena J.

"I enjoyed the course. Thank you!"

Erma R.

"Instructor was very informative, very helpful and the course was enjoyable."

Jeanne B.

"Great instruction and hands-on learning provided."

Christi B.

"Quick to the point, efficient."

Morag C.

"Ellery's class was great. Hands-on instructional, communicated well, interesting, very helpful."

Suzanne S.

"I felt very comfortable throughout this class. Ellery was very patient and created a great learning environment."

Tonie P.

"Exceptional one-on-one learning experience. Ellery had great real life examples to apply towards my skills."

Melissa S.

"It was very educational and easy to take in."

Nicole K.

"Good teaching style. Brought out new information for me ("Stayin' alive, ten minutes of oxegenated blood")."

Tom M.

"Not boring like some other CPR classes and keeping size of class low is great."

Gloria H.

"I liked how Ellery gave rationale for each step, it's easier to remember the steps when you understand why you are doing them."

Anita R.

"The instructor communicated very nice and clearly, everything is neat in this facility and orderly."

Nilcea M.

"It was very educational as well as entertaining and hands on. Very important in a class like this."

Mary J.

"Clear, concise, good explanations, approachable."

Jasmine C.

"Appreciated the hands on approach and small class size!"

Jalani G.

"It was convenient, reasonably priced and informative."

Glen M.

"The course was very informative and easy to understand."

Savannah C.

"Very clear and to the point."

Pat W.

"Everything was great!"

Erin M.

"The course was very thorough."

Jessica D.

"Instructor was very informative."

James L.

"Excellent CPR course."

Sanford W.

"It was great! Maybe have some snacks at the end."

Stacy T.

"Good course."

Andrew P.


Lori L.

"Comfortable environment, friendly and knowledgable facilitator."

Eli B.

"Very satisfied, covered all topics clearly."

Mary T.

"Organized, to the point, specific and easily applicable."

Doug J.

"He made it pleasant and informative. Did well."

John P.

"Course was thorough and helpful. Video along with demonstrations was good."

Lorri N.

"Good instruction, easy to understand."

Bernice D.

"Ellery is excellent at explaining things, great instructor; plenty of hands on practice."

Bruce C.

"Instructor was clear and applied the material to real life situations and made everything easy to understand!"

Laura M.

"My overall thoughts are that the course is very informative and the instructor was very helpful with questions."

Carlos L.

"I loved coming and watching you and your son teach! You both make excellent tutors."

Briana V.

"Small class size very helpful."

Scott S

"I feel I learned what I need to know. Good class."

Joseph R.

"Non threatening atmosphere. Good one on one help."

Frank O.

"It was easy, fast and informative."

Jonathan G.

"Direct, clear, concise instructions."

Gary H.

"Very satisfied with course, will recommend it."

Terry W.

"Like using the video to demonstrate and answer most questions. It's a good teaching tool."

Kendra T.

"Very thorough and answered all questions."

Joshua W.

"Professional course, hit key points."

Stephen D.

"Course was enjoyable and instructor was more than helpful. Great class."

Chris S.

"I appreciated the direct hands on approach in a relaxed environment."

Nancy M.

"Very pleased Ellery."

Sandra A.

"Course was straight forward, which I appreciated. Instructor was professional."

Meghan R.

"Very easy process and delivery of information. Thank you for the knowledge."

Robert D.

"It was very effective with a combination of instruction, video and practice."

Crystal C.

"Good teacher!"

Greg P.

"Very informative."

Eda B.

"The course is very helpful and informative."

Susan R.

"Very good course. I learned a lot of valuable information."

Kelsey S.

"Excellent instruction, good location, I would recommend it to my classmates!"

Sheila T.

"Very entertaining and educational."

Angela F.

"The instruction was very informative."

Andromeda S.

"Class size was nice and small. I liked the hands-on instruction, as opposed to just watching videos."

Katherine L.

"Material explained clearly and easy to understand."

Dylan K.

"Very good."

Virginia H.

"Instructor held class, kept it going, made it fun with the learning."

Joanne V.

"Instructor was informative and fun!"

Jill J.

"Great instruction, made it easy to learn and practice the material."

Carrie R.

"Ellery did an outstanding job!"

Michelle D.

"Excellent, Interactive, Informative."

Jeanine S.


Sunnymarie T.

"Good class. I have taken CPR many times and I still learned new stuff!"

Tasya G.

"Instructor was great. Explained all in detail."

Sandy M.

"Enjoyed the class. The instructor was funny and very knowledgable."

Janice M.

"Great location, easy to understand and follow."

Danny W.

"It was good."

John M.

"Very satisfied, feel confident that I can apply my skills learned. Great instruction."

Cynthia S.

"Thanks for calling to give me a reminder. I like the hands-on practice."

Leah T.

"I really learned a lot and the instructor was good at teaching."

Rachel C.

"Instructor was very knowledgable and easy to understand."

Pat E.

"I learned lots!"

Catherine G.

"Good hands-on practice."

AnnMarie R.

"The instructor was very clear and made the class engaging. i would definately recommend it to other people, I feel very prepared for real-life situations."

Kelsey S.

"The course was efficient, smooth, forward moving at all times."

Arleada R.

"I liked the personal attention, clear explanations and professional atmosphere."

Tara G.

"This was a great course, very thorough and well taught. I would recommend this course to any and all."

Nicole M.

"I enjoyed the course and the instructor was very knowledgable."

Maria E.

"Awesome instruction. The hands-on was very helpful in my confidence to perform what I have learned."

Kate F.